Pensions and the new pay structure

From 1 September 2015, Network Rail will be introducing the new pay structure for Role Clarity bands 1 to 4 employees. 

The impact on your pension contributions and benefits will be immediate if there is an increase in your pensionable pay and you are an active member of either the NRDC or CARE pension schemes.

If you are an active member of the RPS how your change in pay is treated will depend on the Rules of the Scheme. 

If you have specific questions relating to your pension, please refer to your Member’s Guide pension scheme booklet in the first instance which is available to download from the menu options above.    

More detailed information about the pension impact of introducing the new pay structure is also available from the supporting documents column on the right.

Supporting documents

Summary table

A summary of how a change in pensionable pay will be treated under the current pension scheme Rules.